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Jim Dolan: Just Keep Paddlin’

15 Dec 2016 There are no tags 11 comments

11112793_10204516103371349_2900674396040697014_oOn December 31, 2016, my time as CEO will come to an end, but it will be the beginning of my role as simply a warrior who is destined to continue serving his brothers and sisters.

The choice to make a change in my journey with Heroes on the Water was not made lightly, and definitely did not come easy. That being said, HOW is and always will be my family. This is merely a title change, and nothing more.

nwest28There are a million ways you can choose to help our nation’s heroes, but is there a best way? Probably not, but there are definitely better, more effective ways to serve them. As with many things in life, the saying goes “keep it simple.” Well, we’ve taken that advice and done just that; our program puts ‘Heroes on the Water,’ plain and simple. A little goes a very long way here, and the positive impact on the lives of our heroes and their families is overwhelming.

If you haven’t witnessed the powerful influence we can make on the lives of our heroes, now is the time to do so. There is no gift more meaningful and powerful than the gift of peace and healing.

Thankful for Our HOW Family

23 Nov 2016 There are no tags 2 comments

What does “family” mean to you? For many of us, there are multiple meanings for this term, and in many cases, we create our own family with close friends and bonds formed out of circumstance. Our service men and women develop a strong bond with their fellow warriors; a bond so strong they consider these once strangers as a forever member of their family. This is also exactly how we view our members; every hero, every spouse, every child, every volunteer, and every donor is a significant part of the Heroes on the Water family.

Thankful for the Sacrifices

brandon-walden_uniform-smileWhen warriors decide to serve our country, they are not the only one making a sacrifice; family members are also greatly affected by this burden our heroes have chosen to endure. Brandon Walden is one of these heroes. After living much of his childhood very underprivileged, Brandon made the conscious decision to grow up faster than most, which is not uncommon for our warriors. He chose this path for his family, to do something bigger so that they might live a better life. He chose to risk his life for his family and our country.

Still Duty Bound

11 Nov 2016 There are no tags 0 comments

maryland40On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, fighting ceased between the allies and Germany. Because of this significant day in history, we celebrate Veterans Day.

The purpose of Veterans Day is to honor all of America’s veterans who have served our country. A day to show these warriors that they are not forgotten, and a day to show them that their countrymen and women are eternally grateful for their bravery, service and sacrifice.

At Heroes on the Water, we treat every day as if it is Veterans Day. It is our duty to serve the warriors who have defended our country, and to give them the peace and serenity they deserve in their lives. If there’s one thing we know about our warriors is that once they answer their call to service they will continue to serve, in some way or another, for the rest of their lives. In turn, it is our duty to do the same for them.

Elect to Give Peace

20 Oct 2016 There are no tags 0 comments

howpeaceBy definition, to elect, means to carefully select. In fact, we make choices every single day, some more important than others. Every warrior made the choice to defend and protect our country, and because of this choice many of them now face their own battles once they return home. We have the opportunity, and the means, to give back to them, to offer them peace in their lives. If you were given the choice to elect to give peace to our heroes, would you?

Every member of our HOW Nation has voted in favor of this initiative through some form of participation. There are different ways to cast your vote, and all are necessary and critical to bring peace to our warriors.

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