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Peace – It Comes in That Moment

31 Mar 2017 There are no tags 1 comments

We’ve all experienced it – that single moment when you feel at one with the world. When you are present in a moment of inner peace that encompasses your entire being. You feel whole. For many of our veterans, these moments are too few and far between. Think about it – they have been on high alert for months, fighting for our freedom, fighting side by side with their brothers and sisters in arms, fighting for their lives. Then, whether through injury, disability or the end of their time, it suddenly stops. It’s as if someone has slammed on the brakes.

This is the story we here at Heroes on the Water here frequently, and one of the many reasons we stay dedicated to providing experiences that give just a little bit of peace to so many, like Greg Ramirez and Carmon McCurrie.

Paying a Major Debt

13 Mar 2017 There are no tags 0 comments

“You can never repay what many of our veterans and their families have given up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. We want to do something in a small way for people who have done so much for all of us. It’s a small payment on a large debt.” ~ Luther Cifers, Founder and President, YakAttack, LLC 

We all love those small ideas, the ones that started in someone’s garage or basement, that blossom into amazing organizations. YakAttack is certainly one of those stories, with an added storyline – the belief that being a good citizen, a good steward, and a good company starts with doing something to give back.

10551669_708732019205591_1169116204273291953_oLuther Cifers did not begin his career with kayak fishing in mind. He spent the first decade and a half working in manufacturing. From an entry level position on an automotive components factory floor, he eventually worked his way into an engineering role, tasked primarily with machine design. From there he spent several years doing various contract engineering projects – designing everything from women’s shoes to tow trucks.

I Heart Fishing

14 Feb 2017 There are no tags 0 comments

Nathan2If you love to fish, then you completely understand the passion so many have for this sport. If you don’t, or never have, fished, well, there are so many reasons to love it. For example, you get the calming influence of being on or near the water, and there is the competitive nature with just trying to catch that big fish.

And there are other benefits…

Studies have proven that fishing has benefits beyond just being outdoors, including:

  • The ability to focus on one activity, which is proven to decrease stress.
  • Lowering the impact of PTS symptoms, particularly when coupled with kayaking.
  • Spending time outdoors, which improves your mood and increases Vitamin D levels.

Recently, we caught up with Heroes on the Water’s own Nathan Franks, Director of Operations, to ask him why he thought fishing was so great, and why he continues to fish whenever he can.

Life is Like a Tackle Box

27 Jan 2017 There are no tags 0 comments

tackle-box-695271_1280Whether it’s looking forward to new fishing season, or to a new year, winter is a great time to take stock in your tackle, and to evaluate your goals and ideas to organize them for success. If you think about it, the skills you apply to organizing your tackle box can be used to organize your life as well. It may sound a little cheesy, but stay with me – you’ll see there are a lot of similarities. And since you are already good at organizing tackle, why not use those skills elsewhere?

Organizing your tackle box is essential for fishing success. You need to be confident you have the right fishing tools at your fingertips. Organizing your daily life is also essential, as thinking ahead and focusing on your goal will also ensure success. So, let’s take a cue from your tackle box and get organized! Start by asking:

Paddling Forward!

30 Dec 2016 There are no tags 1 comments

dsc_0137As we paddle forward into 2017, there is so much we are thankful for, and even more things we are excited about. We are continuing to grow as a nation, which will only expand our reach and the number of heroes we can potentially serve. As we look to 2017, here are some things that are part of our focus:

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