Heroes on the Water supports veterans, first responders and their families by creating a peaceful environment for healing. 

About Heroes on the Water

Founded in 2007, Heroes on the Water is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides recreational wellness experiences. Our primary modality is kayak fishing which has proven cognitive and emotional benefits. These programs incorporate structured activities in a pressure-free environment creating opportunities for community building and personal healing. Our participants receive much needed camaraderie and support.  

Our events are organized by a dedicated group of volunteers at no cost to participants or their families. There is no prior experience or equipment required. Recurring activities provide participants with consistent access to healing support as well as involvement in a community of people with shared experiences.  

In 2018, we officially expanded our services to include first responders and their families. Heroes on the Water programs are proven to be effective in reducing symptoms of stress, increasing healing, and improving overall well-being for participants. Our goal is to provide heroes with a way to positively improve their lives, enhance their family dynamic and impact their community in a healthy and lasting way.  

Who We Serve:

Military Veterans


To provide wellness and community to our heroes and their families through kayak fishing and the outdoors


A future where all barriers are removed for our heroes and their families to experience the therapeutic power of the outdoors.


F AMILY: We pride ourselves on our sense of togetherness and unity

INTEGRITY: We do the right thing in a safe way to inspire trust and confidence

RESPECT: We treat EVERYONE in a dignified manner

STEWARDSHIP: We commit to the efficient and effective use of the resources we are provided

TEAMWORK: We become more resilient when we work together