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Founder, The Late Jim Dolan

When Heroes on the Water started in 2007, it was because a group of enthusiastic, like-minded people decided to do something amazing with one man who felt compelled to lead the way – Jim Dolan.

“He has left a legacy that will shine forever… RIP Jim and thank you for sharing your love of fishing in a way that has touched and saved so many lives” – Dadirri_girl

“As a member of the North Texas Association of Air Force Academy graduates I remember Jim caually mentioning to us at one of our luncheon meetings about this new venture that he was about to undertake. I cannot believe how far that one dream he had many years ago has blossomed into the great organization that HOW has become. I was one of the first supportes of HOW at the very founding days of the organization. I will always remember Jim for his wisdom and foresight and his willingness to go above and beyond in support of disabled veterans.” – BJ Bjorklund

“I remember sitting at the same table with Jim at a Dallas Chapter CCA banquet and auction. Jim was starting to tear up while sharing some stories of how several warriors reacted on their first HOW outings. I still share those stories.” – Mike Stovall

Jim and Heroes on the Water

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