Veterans’ Services That Work

Heroes on the Water’s kayak fishing experiences are proven to reduce the impact of post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Participants do not need any experience with kayaking or fishing, and adaptive equipment is available.

The most important part of the experience is that each participant receives individualized focus. If they want some alone time, that is fine. If they wish to connect with other like-minded individuals, that is available as well. Every person is unique, and therefore their experience should be as well. There is no pressure, but rather an acceptance that transcends to a peaceful, positive experience.

“For that moment, you forget what is bothering you. You live in the here and now and it’s peaceful.” – Greg Ramirez

Help for Veterans and First Responders

Our findings support that recurring kayak fishing experiences have compound benefits. Therefore, we encourage repeat visits and hold as many events as possible based on the geography and climate. Our volunteer-led chapters make every effort to continue events, even when the weather does not allow for kayak fishing.

Heroes on the Water is unique in that we are one of the rare veterans’ charities that opens our programs to family members. We believe that the focus must be on the whole person, which includes families as well. Programs are no cost to family members, as well as veterans, active-duty military personnel, and first responders.

“Not only has Heroes on the Water saved my life, but they have made it so I can be so much more successful, help others be successful, and provide for my family.” – Brandon Walden

Heroes on the Water chapters also provide opportunities for camaraderie when kayak fishing is not a possibility. Our dedicated volunteers recognize the importance of continually supporting the community through regularly scheduled events. To find a chapter near you, visit our chapter page. To learn more, contact us.