Why Kayaking and Fishing for Therapy?

Heroes on the Water began in 2007 to provide veteran services using an unconventional method—kayak fishing—in rehabilitation. After more than 10 years serving this demographic, as well as active-duty, their families and, starting in 2018, first responders, HOW has seen amazing results:

60% less re-experience, flashbacks and nightmares
56% less stress
63% less avoidance of triggers
62% less hyper-vigilance and extreme sensitivity to surroundings
Why does kayak fishing work? The peace…relaxation…connection with nature…low-impact workout…easy adaptation to disabilities. These all work together to help improve rates of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. It also helps build community with their families and others.

HOW encourages their participants to keep coming back, so their experience isn’t just a one-time event. A large reason for their effectiveness is engaging with them for the long term.

They also bring a family-focus to their work, because they understand the struggles vets face don’t just affect them, but their entire family, too.

Read full article at: https://bendingbranches.com/blog/heroes-water-helping-vets-through-kayak-fishing

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