Success Stories

Answering the Call

“I had a bad week and need to get out on the water.” “The tough losses are those we endured after we returned. The brothers and sisters we lost to suicide.” Aric Quitugua, chapter coordinator for Heroes on the Water Tampa Bay, saw some of the worst as an Army Medic. He [...]

The Born Outdoorsman

Getting to Know HOW’s COB Dave Winston loved the outdoors from an early age, starting with fishing and crabbing on the Jersey Shore and moving to hunting as a young teen. He didn’t get this love from his parents, however; he seemed to be born with it. “I was always big into [...]

Carrying a Legacy

When Carry the Load decided to launch a Midwest Relay, Amber Helms was absolutely ready to step up. Not because she is Director of Operations for Heroes on the Water, and not because HOW is a Non-Profit Partner for CTL. It’s because Amber has a rich military family history that spans [...]