Success Stories

My Daughter is my Hero

“I think many people take for granted that the freedom and liberties we have are because of those members of the military we have standing behind us. It’s something I’ve always been drawn to [...]

Healing Starts Here

 A Veteran’s Story from the Front Lines At Heroes on the Water, we are so blessed to have volunteers who believe in our mission and help us serve veterans, first […]

Tales from the Front Lines

“I Didn’t See a Correlation Between Kayaking and Mental Health” At times everyone struggles. At Heroes on the Water, we are honored to serve those who step up and ensure […]

Freedom is for Everyone

As we celebrate Independence Day, the subject of freedom is top of mind. Everyone has a different idea of freedom, which is exactly what the men and women fought for […]

We Roll with the Punches

“Military life throws some doozies at you and you have to stay strong to power through it.” We have all been talking a lot about the “new normal” and life […]

Answering the Call

“I had a bad week and need to get out on the water.” “The tough losses are those we endured after we returned. The brothers and sisters we lost to […]

The Born Outdoorsman

Getting to Know HOW’s COB Dave Winston loved the outdoors from an early age, starting with fishing and crabbing on the Jersey Shore and moving to hunting as a young […]

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