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The Healing Benefits of Kayaking

25 Jan 2018 There are no tags 0 comments

Whether focusing on military, first responders or anyone with challenges, there are no shortages of eco-therapy programs. All sorts of fishing, hiking, or horseback riding groups are available; and yet at Heroes on the Water we choose to focus on fishing from kayaks. Why?

There are statistics, studies and articles to support our idea, but we like to focus on the feedback from our participants. Consistently they state how peaceful it is to be in a kayak. You are close to the water, there is no roar of the motor, only the soothing sounds of a paddle as it gently glides through the water. And they consistently tell us that participating in a HOW event saved their life.

The Ripple Effect: Make Waves

13 Sep 2017 There are no tags 0 comments

As we close in on North Texas Giving Day, it’s time to think about making a major impact for those who have given so much. The brave men and women who contribute large portions of their lives to keeping us free, ensuring we can practice whatever religion we choose, speak out against those who might oppress us, and even show up to rescue us during natural disasters.

These heroes come home to world that often feels foreign. They return with physical injuries and mental disabilities that inhibit their ability to return to a civilian life. Let’s provide them hope!

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it’s difficult for many to think about communities being healthy. There are so many displaced, so much devastation – and yet, there is so much hope, kindness and support that it helps us to feel the strength of our community.

Our brothers and sisters are at the top of our minds, and as we reach out to ensure everyone is safe, we continually find stories of heroism – although they don’t think of it that way. Our volunteers and veteran community jumped into action, whether it was helping a person’s grandmother get out of her flooded home to serving food for the multitude of first responders in the area, they are doing what they always do for us – serve.

Heroes on the Water serves these men and women through our therapeutic kayak fishing experiences. Not because it’s fun, not because it’s outdoors, but because it works. These events support our veterans and their families in getting back on track through proven outdoor eco-therapy and camaraderie. We support them, and now they can support you.

That is the power of service. The ripple effect of a person who believes in serving God, country, family and community. And that is why we are so proud to serve these brave men and women. They are ready to show up regardless of the situation.

Would You Take a Warrior Fishing?

27 Oct 2015 There are no tags 2 comments
For those who enjoy it, there is nothing better than a day of fishing and relaxing – connecting with the outdoors, telling a fish story or two, and enjoying the company of like-minded friends. For our nation’s warriors and their families, it’s more than an enjoyable day. It’s a rehabilitative, sometimes life-saving, event.


Heroes on the Water provides free, therapeutic kayak fishing to our veterans and active military and their families because we understand the impact. We are aware that 22 veterans commit suicide every day. That is unacceptable. So we decided to do something about it. And now we are challenging you to do something too.


Check out this short video to see first hand from those who have experienced the impact of kayak fishing explain why it is important. Then go to our page and commit to taking a warrior fishing. It’s simple – scroll to the Honor and Memorial giving section, select an amount, and even select a chapter or someone to honor with your donation if you choose.




Take a warrior fishing. You will be giving the gift of peace, giving thanks to those who help keep us free, and maybe even save a life. Give today!


Tee Up for a Great Cause!

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) has a great suggestion that can put part of your 2014 charitable budget to good use helping those who have proudly served our country. Join us at the 2014 AUSA Wounded Warrior Golf Classic at Firewheel Golf Club.1401669_445529115555976_1436998869_o

This year’s event takes place on Tuesday, October 7.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit Heroes on the Water serving wounded warriors and their families in North Texas and the Association of United States Army – North Texas Chapter.

Individuals ($150) and foursomes ($500) can participate in a fourman “scramble” with a shotgun start that begins at noon at one of two courses at Firewheel. Golfers will have several chances to win a car, watersports equipment, or a golf vacation . . . and there are many other exciting contests and prizes planned that same day. To register or to learn more, please visit and go to “Events”.
Pony Up for a Great Cause!

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