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Operation Double Dip – Get Up and Live!

2022-01-07T01:40:40-06:00September 19, 2019|HOW Stories, jim dolan|

“It’s incredible to me that it’s gotten as big as it has and is as well run and effective as it is,” says Jim. “Something so simple is so powerful. It blows me away.” From those early days where everything was grass roots, growing to a national organization is still surreal for Jim.

Operation “Double Dip” – From Hardship to Hope

2022-01-07T01:39:32-06:00September 10, 2019|HOW Stories, jim dolan|

“He got out of that kayak and started talking about what a great time he had, how many fish he caught. It took about 20 to 30 seconds before we all realized he was no longer stuttering,” says Dolan. “The stutter returned, but it boosted him in a major way. He told us he had been at BAMC for two years without any progress. He said, ‘Now I have hope.’”

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