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“Trauma is difficult to overcome, but HOW has figured out a way.”

Roxanne Coleman understands the difficulties of that can come with serving our country. Her father was wounded in the Korean conflict, and frankly would not talk about it, or his injury. As a retired Army veteran, Roxanne understands how he felt.

“It was not until I did a tour in Korea that dad opened up about his trauma. Even though I had been in the Army more than 10 years, it was walking the same ground he had that prompted a deep discussion. Things he held back for 40 plus years finally came out, and the man was in tears.”

Peace Through the Power of Nature

Roxanne is the senior field marketing manager for Pure Fishing, and believes in giving to veteran centric charities. Heroes on the Water (HOW) is a particular favorite.

“What HOW is doing is really, really important. I have seen the wonderful impact the warriors experience from kayak fishing and am elated to see how it helps them process some of the trauma they experienced.”

The trauma anyone experiences in difficult situations can be hard to overcome. With warriors, sometimes the situations are extended over long periods of time.Go With Something That Really Works - Roxanne Coleman - Partner support Jan 2015

“It’s like waiting on a bomb to explode. You need a release valve, and I think there is nothing more relaxing that going out on the water.”

“God knew what He was doing when he created the universe, it is a comfort and blessing to all of us. The way HOW uses that as a method of healing makes perfect sense.”

Go With Something That Works

Our New Jersey Chapter Coordinator recently shared the following with us. They have several veteran participants that have made the decision to purchase their own kayaks and gear. We are excited to see our program benefit the veterans we are serving so much that they want to make a personal investment so that the program continues to grow. Every time a participant makes the decision to purchase their own personal equipment, it opens up a spot for a new participant to get involved. 

 From Jim Reinknecht, New Jersey Chapter:

Lately our vet “regulars” are buying their own kayaks in droves, two last week and three this week alone.

One of the NJ chapters longest And biggest supporters has really stepped up their game for our vets recently. is our main kayak dealer. They’ve been our gateway to native kayaks since we started up. They literally provide us with almost everything we need at dealer invoice cost and sometimes even below. We get first crack at their year-end liquidations, rentals, you name it. They also have negotiated with manufacturers on our behalf (without us asking) to stretch our dollars the farthest. They host events for us and literally single handedly fundraised with tournaments the money for our entire fleet of kayaks. In the winter season they donate space at trade shows for us to do outreach, raise
awareness, and fundraise.

“It’s July 1st and we are thrilled and honored to announce our new Ruthie’s Dozen nonprofit recipient Heroes on the Water….Heroes on the Water serves our Nation’s warriors by providing healing and rehabilitating kayak fishing outings that are physically and mentally therapeutic through our community of volunteers and donors.” from Ruthie’s Food Trucks Facebook Page

What is Ruthie’s Dozen?    605133_orig

The idea for Ruthie’s Dozen was inspired by owner Ashlee Hunt Kleinert’s grandmother. Ruthie’s is following her example as she was always helping others and creating awareness for important causes. Ruthie’s Dozen is a very special award allowing us to give back to those who do so much for others!

Heroes on the Water is honored to be chosen as the non-profit to be highlighted during July.

Ruthie’s is known for t he best honest-to-goodness, melt in your mouth grilled cheese sandwiches in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex!

HOW friends and fans, ‘Like’ Ruthie’s Facebook page to get their daily posts, and if you are in the Dallas area, be sure to check their daily schedule posted on Ruthie’s website to know where to find the trucks.

You’ll want to get together with family and friends and enjoy one of “grandmother’s nostalgic cheesy dreamy recipes” that is prepared “with love in our “kitchen on wheels”.

Thank You Ruthie’s Food Trucks…We appreciate your continued support!



This year has been a remarkable year of growth for Heroes On The Water and specifically the Coastal Bend HOW Chapter. We continued to spread the word about who we are, and what we do for veterans and active duty military, and our numbers steadily increased. Because of the financial support provided by Casting For A Cause 2013, we were able to equip our chapter with kayaks, gear, and a trailer. We committed to at least one outing a month in 2014 (which we are meeting) and our number of participants continue to grow. Our volunteer base has grown as well. We have been able to have a shore crew at a few outings that prepare lunch while we are on the water, and
recently we have added a Safety boat as well to keep an eye out while we paddle.

For this year’s tournament, we had HOW Chapter representation from all over Texas, as well as Louisiana and Virginia. We met on10446167_10202311479897140_5195894392879487659_o Thursday before the tournament for a big group paddle…the wind did not cooperate, nor did the fish, but our mission isn’t always about filling the stringers with fish. Sometimes just being on the water is enough. The camaraderie, the conversation, the healing, it happens without trying if you provide the right setting. Kayak fishing is that kind of setting. It provides a calm one on one with nature, allows the warrior to disengage from daily stresses, and puts them in a comfort zone with their brothers and sisters.

Lone Star Kayak Fish Series, Texas:

Pulling double duties, Werner Paddles Pro Staff Jeff Herman was acting as a tech rep at the LKS tournament, Saturday June 7th. While talking paddle design he was also handing out raffle tickets, the catch was the only way to get a “Werner raffle ticket” was to land a redfish during the tournament and release it alive. Out of 78 entrants, 24 anglers  brought in and released a live red.

Photo – Jeff (L) and Sonny (R) with Travis Matthews, Chapter Coordinator

Photo – Jeff (L) and Sonny (R) with Travis Matthews, Chapter Coordinator

Sonny Mills, Jeff’s teammate at Werner caught and released his reds alive and lucky enough ended up winning the raffle drawing.   With a smile and a lot of class Sonny did what he felt was only right.   He  came to the stage accepted the $475 paddle and immediately donated it to Coastal Bend Chapter of Heroes on the Water.

It was a great win for a great organization and an immense feeling of pride for everyone at Werner Paddles.  It is an honor to have Sonny Mills as part of our family.  Thanks to Jeff Herman for thinking up such a great raffle that ended so well. 

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