Still Duty Bound

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The purpose of Veterans Day is to honor all of America's veterans who have served our country. A day to show these warriors that they are not forgotten, and a day to show them that their countrymen and women are eternally grateful for their bravery, service and sacrifice.

Elect to Give Peace

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By definition, to elect, means to carefully select. In fact, we make choices every single day, some more important than others. Every warrior made the choice to defend and protect our country, and because of this choice many of them now face their own battles once they return home.

Never Let Them Fall

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With the fall season comes the holiday season. For many, this time of year comes with added stress and challenges. It’s important to keep in mind that many of our nation's heroes are already fighting their own battles before the stress and pressure of the holidays even arrive, making it an essential time of year to band together as a HOW Nation.

Spring Into Action

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Heroes on the Water folks love this time of year. The buds pop on the trees, blossoms emerge, and the fish really start biting. We emerge from our winter slumber ready to embrace our springtime events that allow us to serve more warriors through kayak fishing, camaraderie and community. Spring [...]

HOW to Put Things in Perspective

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Heroes on the Water was recently subject to a study that could change the way you look at HOW and what we do. Don’t worry, this change of perspective is actually a good thing! You may be wondering why looking at Heroes on the Water differently could be beneficial. Well, [...]

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