howpeaceBy definition, to elect, means to carefully select. In fact, we make choices every single day, some more important than others. Every warrior made the choice to defend and protect our country, and because of this choice many of them now face their own battles once they return home. We have the opportunity, and the means, to give back to them, to offer them peace in their lives. If you were given the choice to elect to give peace to our heroes, would you?

Every member of our HOW Nation has voted in favor of this initiative through some form of participation. There are different ways to cast your vote, and all are necessary and critical to bring peace to our warriors.

Choose to Donate

Not everyone has the ability to offer his or her time, and this is okay, you can still help our heroes heal in other ways. With the gifts of generous donations, HOW is able to continue to take our warriors out on the water and offer them the therapeutic experiences they need in order to heal, reintegrate into society and live normal lives after service. Donations go a long way for our heroes; they provide us with the fishing supplies needed, food to feed event participants and outfitted kayaks to take a hero out on the water.

Choose to Volunteer

If you want to make a difference in the lives of our heroes, volunteering with HOW is a direct way to make an impact. From executing administrative tasks, running a chapter or taking a warrior out kayak fishing, there is a wide range of ways to offer volunteer support. Our heroes have served and sacrificed so much for their country, this is an opportunity to serve them and give them what they need most in their lives: peace.

Choose to Give Peace 

Any of the choices we make in our lives, whether big or small, can have an impact on others. For this reason, we choose to make an impact in the lives of our heroes and their families through the best way we know how…by taking them out for a day on the water. This simple, yet powerful concept allows our heroes to relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate back into society.

Whether you choose to give back to our warriors through volunteering your time or giving donations, every bit of support will offer them the peace they deserve in their lives. Give a hero a chance to leave their battles behind them, elect to give them peace.

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