Published on – Jul 18, 2020

Heroes on the Water welcomes veterans, all military personnel and all first responders to come out and enjoy a day on the water for free.

Heroes on the Water Space Coast Chapter Event Coordinator and 24-year Air Force veteran Gene Gribble says kayaking provides serenity, something people like him need. He went from being a participant to volunteer.

“You don’t have to fish, just get out there and relax being on the water,” Gribble said. “I just got my VA rating, so I had PTSD, general anxiety… in general being out in the water relaxed me.”

Terry Davis is no stranger to needing some quiet time. He was a Marine for 21 years and was also dealing with PTSD. He says healing comes with being able to talk about the past with people who understand the struggle. He went from being a participant to their Heroes on the Water Space Coast Chapter Coordinator.

“It helped me by getting out and being out of the house and being around people like myself, like veterans who can relate to each other. And once we get out there, we talk the lingo and makes us more at ease,” Davis explains.

Gribble says people who are dealing with post-traumatic stress, brain and physical injuries tend to shut the world out but shouldn’t because there’s help and people in the group to talk with.

“We’ve had folks that know they needed to get out of the house and back on the water and mainly be around other veterans,” Gribble adds.

Heroes on the Water chapters are all led by volunteers and host activities like kayaking, and fishing and is adaptive to those with disabilities.

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