“Heroes on the Water saved my life”

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"Heroes on the Water saved my life"
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“Heroes on the Water saved my life”

23 Oct 2014 There are no tags 1 comments

Because of you, our HOW Friends…SPC Alyssa L. Nolan, HOW-Northwest Chapter participant has an uplifting story:

I would like to express my gratitude to Heroes on the Water. In all the chaos and uncertainty of my military career and future after brain surgery, HOW gave me what no pill or therapy could possibly achieve. During my recovery, I was withdrawn, despondent, and resigned to believe that my life was over. I couldn’t shake my depression, I found nojoy in anything I did.  

That changed when my squad leader told me about an open slot for a kayak fishing event. Just having my kayak paddle in the water and fishing line cast out centered me. I felt safe and assured with the provided equipment and guides with military background, including an amazing cooked lunch. HOW not only offered a break from the daily military grind but also a sense of belonging. Truly, camaraderie was what I missed most after being assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion and this organization had it in spades. It is not an exaggeration to say that Heroes on the Water saved my life with their encouraging support.”

Since 2007, Heroes on the Water (HOW) has been helping veterans like Alyssa gain a renewed sense of well-being and camaraderie – 11,133* warriors served so far. With your support, we deliver safe, fun kayak fishing outings that do not require any prior experience and can be adapted for most disabilities. The best part is that warriors become part of an ongoing trusted social network that is there for them when they need it most.

We stand committed to ensuring more warriors have access to the benefits of the HOW program. Our planned expansion in 2015 will add chapter locations nationwide to scale up to serve 12,000+ warriors and their families per year.

How can you help? Share Alyssa’s story with family, friends, co-workers, community groups, and people who might be interested in the HOW program. Help expand our reach by following Heroes on the Water on Facebook and sharing our stories. Post our website linkwww.HeroesOnTheWater.org and suggest people check it out.

The more outreach can accomplish together… the more warriors will have the opportunity to realize a “sense of belonging” and know that their sacrifices for our freedom are truly appreciated.

Thank You!

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  • By Anthony Isaac / 19 Jan 2017 / Reply

    Alyssa’s story of her time out with our chapter has continued to inspire me to continue to help my fellow veterans. Looking forward to our Northwest Chapters 2017 season and my 6th year as a volunteer with Heroes On the Water!

    Anthony Isaac MSgt, USAF Retired

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