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Fishing from a kayak is one of the best ways to relieve stress and clear your head. This is something that Heroes on the Water also knows, which is why they have chosen to focus on fishing from kayaks instead of other ecotherapy programs such as horseback riding or hiking.

Studies have already shown the effectiveness of ecotherapy as a therapeutic modality for veterans who have to deal with post-traumatic stress. From military, first responders or simply anyone with challenges, there is definitely a need for these types of programs, but many pick kayaks because of how peaceful it is. There is just something about the peace and quiet of kayak fishing that helps being to be one with nature. Kayak angling is not just soothing for the mind either, but also comes with a host of physical benefits because of the exercise involved. The way in which kayak angling helps to focus a person’s mind can aid them with the healing process.

Heroes on the Water has fully embraced kayak angling for the therapeutic benefits as well as exercise it provides. It is also why they have adopted the tagline “Paddle.Fish.Heal” to sum up what it is that they do and how they support the people involved. Be sure to get in touch with Heroes on the Water if you know a veteran or first-responder that could benefit from their services and check out their website for more information about the organization. (https://heroesonthewater.org/)

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  1. John A Kraly March 30, 2019 at 10:38 am - Reply

    I met some of your folks today at HBG Bass Pro. I’m very impressed.

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