Our resident fishing expert, Paul MartinTherapeutic Programs Manager, shares two options for removing a fishhook from your body. How deep the hook is imbedded in the skin, and where you have the accident are deciding factors on which technique may be best for your situation. 

Option 1 – Push and Cut 

Push the hook through until the barb is exposed, then cut the hook below the barb. Next, back the hook out the way it went in originally.  

The push and cut method is your best option if the hook is close to the surface. This technique helps to minimize tissue damage and offers the highest success rate on the first attempt. 

Option 2 – Pull It Out! 

The second option is to pull the hook out, with the barb still intact the way it originally went in. This is the fastest option and can be done with little equipment when you’re in the field.  

Use a piece of string or fishing line and attach it to the hook, just above where the hook entered the skin. In one swift, firm move pull the hook out. 

Caution: Be careful when the hoof dislodges that it doesn’t fly off and get re-hooked! 

One way to lessen the damage to the tissue when pulling the hook out is to add downward pressure on the shank pushing the barb back off the skin. 

In either case, after removal of the fishhook, sanitize the area and bandage the wound. Keep an eye on it and keep it clean!  

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