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The mission of Heroes on the Water is to help Veterans and those still serving in the Military relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate into society through kayak fishing and the outdoors.

Since the start of the Lowcountry SC HOW Chapter we have taken our heroes out kayak fishing.

We have learned firsthand the ‘triple therapy’ of kayak fishing – physical with paddling and fishing, occupational in learning new skills and a sport they can do for life, and mental in the relaxation and freedom out on the water.

Roughly two years after Heroes on the Water became organized; Jim Dolan contacted Ken Bergmann, a retired Air Force Combat Veteran to establish the Lowcountry SC HOW Chapter in October 2009 making this chapter the eleventh in the country.

Heroes on the Water have grown to 60 Chapters and a few in the United Kingdom and Australia. In 2015 Darrell Olson, a retired Air Force Veteran, took over the reins of the Chapter from Ken.

The Lowcountry Kayak Anglers at that time offered their leadership to help run and organize monthly events and provide a annual fundraiser for the local Chapter.

This opportunity is invaluable for Heroes on the Water here in South Carolina as they are only the Chapter in the state.

They provide 8 – 9 events a year throughout the state of South Carolina with the main focus on the Charleston area.

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