New Jersey Partner Helps Vets Purchase Kayaks

New Jersey Partner Helps Vets Purchase Kayaks
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New Jersey Partner Helps Vets Purchase Kayaks

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Our New Jersey Chapter Coordinator recently shared the following with us. They have several veteran participants that have made the decision to purchase their own kayaks and gear. We are excited to see our program benefit the veterans we are serving so much that they want to make a personal investment so that the program continues to grow. Every time a participant makes the decision to purchase their own personal equipment, it opens up a spot for a new participant to get involved. 

 From Jim Reinknecht, New Jersey Chapter:

Lately our vet “regulars” are buying their own kayaks in droves, two last week and three this week alone.

One of the NJ chapters longest And biggest supporters has really stepped up their game for our vets recently. is our main kayak dealer. They’ve been our gateway to native kayaks since we started up. They literally provide us with almost everything we need at dealer invoice cost and sometimes even below. We get first crack at their year-end liquidations, rentals, you name it. They also have negotiated with manufacturers on our behalf (without us asking) to stretch our dollars the farthest. They host events for us and literally single handedly fundraised with tournaments the money for our entire fleet of kayaks. In the winter season they donate space at trade shows for us to do outreach, raise
awareness, and fundraise.

They give everything, ask for nothing. Everything they supply to us has zero markup.

This week alone they sold three top of the line kayaks BELOW cost (they lost money) to our vets. These weren’t leftovers or discontinued models. They sold two native ultimate fx15s (brand new model, 3 month back order) and a custom trailer to our vets with service dogs, and a slayer propel 13 to a vet with shoulder issues. They gave up thousands in profit on boats that would be sold in under a week just to help out some vets on a budget.

To wrap it up: we are excited that the program has worked so well that our vets are taking ownership of it and want more of it, and that we have a supplier willing to take nothing in return to help them succeed.

We want to thank  for their support of the New Jersey Chapter and becoming a local partner to make this program a real success. Having partners at both the national and local level is HOW we will continue to serve more veterans and save lives.

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