As we paddle forward into 2017, there is so much we are thankful for, and even more things we are excited about. We are continuing to grow as a nation, which will only expand our reach and the number of heroes we can potentially serve. As we look to 2017, here are some things that are part of our focus:

Maintain Our Mission

As we continue to grow, it’s imperative that we keep the mission in sight and at the forefront of what drives us. Our mission is to help warriors relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate through kayak fishing and the outdoors. While opportunities for additional experiences arise, our simple yet extremely effective mission will remain the focus of everything we do. Whether a chapter serves 30 heroes or 3000, those are all potential lives saved and families that are coming back together.

More Heroes on the Water

The more heroes we put on the water, the more lives we can potentially save. Putting our heroes on the water allows them to end their personal battles and reclaim their life. We have overwhelming testimonials that these events, at no cost to our warriors, connect and restore them to their families and their society. All participants become a part of our ever growing HOW family. The support they receive, and the connections made are undeniable and extremely significant.

Expand the Mission

Spreading the word about what we do and the positive impact we can make is imperative if we want to continue to grow, expand and serve more heroes and their families. There are still many untapped areas across the nation, which means there are still warriors who don’t have access to HOW’s therapeutic and potentially life-saving program. We will continue to grow our organization and establish chapters in areas where there are warriors who need the support, we are able to provide them and their families.

Sustainable Growth

Fundraising is a key element to sustaining and expanding the Heroes on the Water non-profit organization, which leads to serving more warriors. We would not have been able to accomplish everything we have, let alone support our chapters, without the gracious support of our partners and donors. Increasing funds will ultimately help us put more Heroes on the Water, which is exactly what we want to do going into 2017.

Strong Leadership

Strong chapter leadership teams are the backbone of our organization. Without effective leadership at the chapter level, we would not be able to host events nationwide. Our leadership teams have played a key role in the growth and expansion of Heroes on the Water thus far. As we continue to grow, we will continue to build our chapter leadership teams, which will ease the burden on all event planning and execution.

Focus on the Positive

There will always be unforeseen issues that arise which will challenge and test us as a nation, but we must always maintain a positive mindset. As long as we remain strong as a unit, and maintain the “we” mindset, we will continue paddling forward and serving more warriors. Each chapter is a piece of the complete Heroes on the Water puzzle. From east coast to west coast, from salt water to fresh water, we stay focused on how to remain positive and help our heroes heal.

We’ve seen what we’ve accomplished in the past, and the number of warriors served thus far is impressive; but now it’s time to look towards the future and work together to help more heroes heal!

You can make 2017 the best year for our nation’s warriors by donating to Heroes on the Water today!

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