As we say goodbye to 2023, we carry with us stories of triumph, resilience, and unity. Whether focused on service, growth as a community, or precious moments on the water, each narrative adds to the intricate fabric of our shared experiences. 

Strolling down memory lane

We started the year with John Stapleton’s inspiring journey from Pond to Purpose, and a reflection on the State of our Community. In the Spring we highlighted Frank Aguillar’s service and dedication to the HOW mission, and Ken Ferguson’s family tradition of serving in the military. 

Prioritizing mental health 

In the realm of mental health, we delved into the unique ways individuals cope and find solace. Alfredo Arevalo shared how Music City Police Officers leave their worries on the water, while Dr. Bob Bischoff,  illuminated the intricate path of an Army psychologist. Addressing critical issues, we explored the warning signs of suicide, the importance of connection and strategies for navigating challenges such as sobriety, family triggers and loneliness during the holidays. 

Saluting our heroes 

The summer brought forth a salute to the hidden heroes among us, embodying the spirit of community building. Volunteers like Tracy and Gordon exemplify the impact at a local level, while Bryan Hilderbrandt’s story of his 20-year commitment to the Marine Corps stood as a testament of unwavering dedication. 

A year of fishing how to’s 

Navigating through a sea of valuable resources, this year was a treasure trove of fishing wisdom. We shared practical advice on: getting ready for kayak fishing season, ways to introduce kids to fishing, removing a fishhook, and the correct way to fly your flag. We shared tips on staying hydrated, and how to continue kayaking well into the cooler months. 

This year served as a testament to the strength found in connection, the power of shared knowledge, and the unwavering spirit that defines this community. As we embark on the year ahead, may the lessons learned and memories created continue to inspire, uplift, and guide us towards a future filled with shared purpose and camaraderie.
Commit to our heroes for the year ahead. 

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