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It’s More Than Fishing

May 18, 2023|

Our brains need the outdoors - it’s in our makeup to want to be outdoors, immersed in the calming effect it brings to us. When HOW first began kayak fishing experiences, we could see and feel first-hand the impact of the being outside on our heroes.

Mental Health and Relationships

The Power of Hope

December 6, 2022|

Hope is more than just a word. Science has proven that cultivating hope can improve brain function and resiliency. Here are 5 ways that you can increase feelings of hope to improve your everyday life.

Kayaking and Fishing Tips

Observances and History

Hidden Heroes

May 2, 2023|

Each year in May military caregivers are honored for their service, the unsung heroes who selflessly provide long-term care. Here are a few ways you can show your caregiver what their service means to you.

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