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What’s on Your Gratitude List?

2024-01-17T17:43:33-06:00November 26, 2019|HOW Stories|

Thanksgiving is often the time we pause and focus on what we have to be grateful for, but where does that leave us the rest of the year? Amber Helms, Executive Director for Heroes on the Water, knows the power of being thankful every day.

Oklahoma Kayak Anglers

2022-01-03T14:54:53-06:00November 19, 2019|HOW News|

OKLAHOMA KAYAK ANGLERS - Last weekend the Oklahoma Kayak Anglers hosted a 2-day online charity tournament named the Freedom Fighters online charity fundraiser.

Answering the Call

2024-02-19T14:22:10-06:00November 5, 2019|HOW Stories|

“The tough losses are those we endured after we returned. The brothers and sisters we lost to suicide.” Aric Quitugua, chapter coordinator for Heroes on the Water Tampa Bay, saw some of the worst as an Army Medic. He understands the struggles veterans have when they return.

Operation Double Dip – Get Up and Live!

2022-01-07T01:40:40-06:00September 19, 2019|HOW Stories, jim dolan|

“It’s incredible to me that it’s gotten as big as it has and is as well run and effective as it is,” says Jim. “Something so simple is so powerful. It blows me away.” From those early days where everything was grass roots, growing to a national organization is still surreal for Jim.

Operation “Double Dip” – From Hardship to Hope

2022-01-07T01:39:32-06:00September 10, 2019|HOW Stories, jim dolan|

“He got out of that kayak and started talking about what a great time he had, how many fish he caught. It took about 20 to 30 seconds before we all realized he was no longer stuttering,” says Dolan. “The stutter returned, but it boosted him in a major way. He told us he had been at BAMC for two years without any progress. He said, ‘Now I have hope.’”

Post-Deployment Dad – A Soldier’s Story

2023-10-09T17:09:40-05:00June 13, 2019|HOW Stories|

Marrying his high school sweetheart, Sylvia, and looking at his future, Danny Hernandez did not plan on a military career. Four children and two military careers later, with a son carrying on the military tradition, Hernandez has a different perspective.

Carrying a Legacy

2022-01-07T01:38:24-06:00May 22, 2019|HOW Stories|

Amber’s father, grandfather and father-in-law all proudly served in the U.S. Military. She ultimately married a man who spent 20 years in the military and has many family members who serve in law enforcement and as first responders.

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