Heroes of Marathon

2023-02-23T18:25:20-06:00February 11, 2023|HOW News|

SPORTSMAN'S ADVENTURES - Capt. Rick Murphy with Neil Mullaney of Heroes on the Water in the Florida Keys. Originally aired 1-31-23 on Pursuit Channel and 2-5-23 on Discovery.

Invisible Injuries

2022-06-16T11:58:23-05:00June 13, 2022|HOW Stories, pts stories|

“One minute you are enjoying your life, and the next people are dying all around you and you are running for your life. It leaves a permanent mark.” ~Priscilla Horvath, Heroes on the Water Volunteer Program Coordinator

Memorial Day: Why We Celebrate

2023-02-23T18:04:17-06:00May 25, 2022|HOW Resources|

In the years since its inception as a federal holiday, Memorial Day has become a marker for the beginning of Summer. But as with many holidays, sometimes the true meaning of Memorial Day can get lost in all of the marketing.

Honor and Sacrifice

2022-05-16T14:49:31-05:00May 12, 2022|HOW Stories, partner stories|

Officer Keith Mackenzie is a father of three who has built a 28-year career as a police officer in Bethel, Connecticut. He is the Assistant Coordinator for HOW’s Western Connecticut Chapter and is an avid sportsman, fisherman and kayaker. He says he recognized the positive impact Heroes on the Water has made in his close friend Mike Libertini who is the Coordinator for the chapter.

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