What does “family” mean to you? For many of us, there are multiple meanings for this term, and in many cases, we create our own family with close friends and bonds formed out of circumstance. Our service men and women develop a strong bond with their fellow warriors; a bond so strong they consider these once strangers as a forever member of their family. This is also exactly how we view our members; every hero, every spouse, every child, every volunteer, and every donor is a significant part of the Heroes on the Water family.

Thankful for the Sacrifices

brandon-walden_uniform-smileWhen warriors decide to serve our country, they are not the only one making a sacrifice; family members are also greatly affected by this burden our heroes have chosen to endure. Brandon Walden is one of these heroes. After living much of his childhood very underprivileged, Brandon made the conscious decision to grow up faster than most, which is not uncommon for our warriors. He chose this path for his family, to do something bigger so that they might live a better life. He chose to risk his life for his family and our country.

After being injured in 2012, Brandon returned home and continued to do what was best for his family. Despite his challenges and disabilities, Brandon never gave up on his family. There’s no denying how difficult it was for him, because through everything Brandon was the one his family depended on; but who was there to support Brandon? This is an example of the types of struggles our heroes face and the reason why it is so important for us to be that support.

“Not only has Heroes on the Water saved my life, but they have made it so I can be so much more successful, help others be successful, and provide for my family.” –Brandon Walden

Our brave heroes choose this selfless life of service so that they can have a positive influence on the lives of others, most of whom are complete strangers. In return, it is our duty to express the same level of care and protection for our warriors when they return home.

Thankful for Our Growing Family

brandon-walden_how-eventOur commitment at Heroes on the Water is to make sure that heroes like Brandon are given the support they need when they return home. Whether they have experienced mental and/or physical suffering, there IS a path to healing for our heroes and their families.

As more and more warriors return home from service, we are determined to grow an organization that is able to welcome each hero and their family into ours. No warrior can be left behind. We are quickly growing as a HOW Nation, and it’s all made possible by the volunteers and donors who come together to give back to our nations heroes.

There are many things to be thankful for as we approach the holidays. For us at Heroes on the Water, we are thankful for our HOW family.

Show your gratitude and help us continue to put more heroes out on the water; after all, they have sacrificed so much for us so that we may remain free. Happy Thanksgiving HOW Nation!

  1. David Baker November 25, 2016 at 6:36 pm - Reply

    I’ve been a volunteer for HOW SPACE COAST CHAPTER for a little more than 6 months. I however did not serve but EVERY SERVICE MAN AND WOMAN that I have had the EXTREME HONOR of paddling with has been the ABSOLUTE GREATEST TIME FISHING in my 49 years. The Administration of Vincent Bellisario and Darrell Benton has expanded my LOVE of OUR MILITARY. I will continue to do anything and everything that my family and I can do. I LOVE OUR MILITARY HEROS.

  2. Laura Cummins November 28, 2016 at 10:02 pm - Reply

    Thank you son, you are amazing and truly have led the way, always making the best out of any situation!

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