In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it’s difficult for many to think about communities being healthy. There are so many displaced, so much devastation – and yet, there is so much hope, kindness and support that it helps us to feel the strength of our community.

Our brothers and sisters are at the top of our minds, and as we reach out to ensure everyone is safe, we continually find stories of heroism – although they don’t think of it that way. Our volunteers and veteran community jumped into action, whether it was helping a person’s grandmother get out of her flooded home to serving food for the multitude of first responders in the area, they are doing what they always do for us – serve.

Heroes on the Water serves these men and women through our therapeutic kayak fishing experiences. Not because it’s fun, not because it’s outdoors, but because it works. These events support our veterans and their families in getting back on track through proven outdoor eco-therapy and camaraderie. We support them, and now they can support you.

That is the power of service. The ripple effect of a person who believes in serving God, country, family and community. And that is why we are so proud to serve these brave men and women. They are ready to show up regardless of the situation.

Communities Are Stronger with Support

Feeding first responders

Heroes on the Water is proud to participate in North Texas Giving Day this year because Communities Foundation of Texas has developed a new program that supports our Houston neighbors.

Beginning September 10th, when you can queue up your donation in advance, through the actual Giving Day of September 20th, when you contribute to any organization, including Heroes on the Water, you will be given an opportunity to also contribute to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts through Communities Foundation of Texas. This simple, and powerful, step will ensure that everyone who contributes this year has the opportunity to help the organizations you love, while also actively ensuring that both rescue and ongoing relief efforts continue as needed to support those impacted by Harvey.

It’s always important to support your favorite charity. This year there is even more reason to Get Up and Give!

When you choose to contribute to Heroes on the Water, you become part of an organization that believes in honor through service. By choosing to contribute on North Texas Giving Day, not only do your funds go further through bonus monies, but you also can give to the long-term rebuilding efforts that are going to be so important for the Houston area.  Let’s continue to band together to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to feel the power of this community. Mark your calendar for September 20th, and then Get Up and Give!

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