A New Mission

Serving Veterans2024-02-28T10:45:33-06:00

We proudly provide support that honors the invaluable contribution made by all those who serve or have served our nation.

How We Serve Veterans

Our United States military veterans and personnel make the ultimate sacrifice for us daily. Heroes on the Water understands that this role can come with stress and trauma and we are dedicated to supporting the overall physical and mental healing process. Our goal is to build a community where our veterans and active-duty participants feel comfortable and valued.  

Our chapter events are designed to create a welcoming and pressure-free environment and are proven to help reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. They provide a chance for participants to reconnect with themselves and others. 

Events are open to family members of veterans and first responders at no cost because we believe that the focus should be on the whole person, which includes family as well. 

A Supportive Veteran and Military Community – Read Their Stories

Anything but Ordinary

April 23, 2024|

Matthew Lowery’s life is a testament to service, from his upbringing in a military family to his distinguished 24-year career in the Navy. “As a military brat, it was the only kind of life that I knew. We’d move from duty station to duty station every 2 to 3 years.”

Finding a Sense of Belonging

March 19, 2024|

Juan De La Garza's journey is one of service and determination. Born in California but raised in South Texas, Juan's life took him on a path of military service, civilian work, and eventually, to a profound connection with Heroes on the Water, a program that would change his life in ways he never imagined.

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