Suicide is a complex issue that affects individuals and communities worldwideIt’s a topic that demands our attention and understanding, as well as a proactive approach to preventionRecognizing the warning signs of suicide, emphasizing the importance of connection, and knowing how to seek or provide help are crucial steps towards preventing this tragic outcome.  

Warning Signs of Suicide 

Identifying the warning signs of suicide is a critical step in preventing itWhile everyone’s experience is unique, there are common indicators that may signal someone is strugglingThese signs include: 

  • Changes in behavior: If a person begins to withdraw from social activities, hobbies, or friends, it could be a sign of underlying distress.
  • Expressing hopelessness: Listen closely to conversations. Statements like “I can’t go on,” or “Life is not worth living” can indicate a cry for help.
  • Talking about death: Someone who frequently talks about death, dying, or wanting to escape might be experiencing suicidal thoughts.
  • Drastic mood swings: Rapid and extreme shifts in mood can be indicative of emotional turmoil.
  • Giving away possessions: Individuals who start giving away cherished possessions might be preparing to say goodbye.
  • Increased substance use: Escalating alcohol or drug consumption can be a sign of self-medication.
  • Sudden calmness: If a person who has been struggling with their mood suddenly appears calm, it could indicate they’ve made a decision to end their life.

The Importance of Connection 

Connection is a fundamental human needIt has the power to heal and prevent the feelings of isolation that often accompany suicidal thoughts.  Whether you’re struggling yourself or concerned about a loved one, fostering meaningful connections can make a significant difference.  

  • Reach out: If you’re experiencing emotional distress, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends, family, or mental health professionals. Sharing your feelings can provide relief and help you find support.
  • Listen actively: If someone confides in you about their struggles, listen without judgement. Sometimes, having a compassionate listener can alleviate emotional pain.
  • Stay connected: Check in regularly with friends and family members, especially if you know they’ve been facing challenges. Your support can be a lifeline.

Getting Help or Helping a Loved One 

Knowing how to seek help or support a loved one during a crisis is vitalNo one should have to navigate these difficult feelings alone.  

  • Seeking help: If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, don’t hesitate to seek help. Reach out to a mental health professional, a doctor, or a counselor. If it’s an emergency, call a crisis hotline or visit the nearest emergency room.
  • Supporting a loved one: If you’re concerned about someone, express your concern and encourage them to talk. Offer to accompany them to appointments or help them research treatment options. Your presence can make a significant impact.

Available Resources 

In recent years, the mental health community has made great strides in providing accessible resources for those in crisisHere are a couple of critical resources: 

  • Veterans Crisis Line: For veterans in the United States, the Veterans Crisis Line provides free, confidential support. Veterans and their loved ones can connect with qualified responders by calling 1-800-273-8255 and pressing 1.
  • 988 Suicide and Crisis Line: The United States has implemented a new three-digit number, 988, dedicated to mental health crisis, including suicide prevention. This makes seeking help easier and more accessible.

Recognizing the warning signs of suicide, fostering connections, and knowing how to seek or provide help are all integral parts of preventing suicide. By being compassionate, and informed, we can contribute to a world where individuals receive the support they need to overcome their challenges and find hopeRemember, you are never alone – help is always available. 


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