At first glance, REDLEE / SCS, Inc. is a successful facilities management company. Dig a little deeper and you find a rich family history. What is not obvious is the depth of the family focus, encompassing every employee within the organization, or the strong focus on giving back to the community. REDLEE / SCS has high standards when it comes to community service.

Heroes on the Water became the fortunate benefactor of the Pam Redfearn Holman Charity Shoot in 2016. The clay shoot is named after one of the women who laid the foundation for the community service focus within the organization. The other is Jill Redfearn, who initiated the community service initiatives by focusing on the social issues in local communities.

“We had wonderful women in our lives who made us aware of the need in the communities and military,” says Chuck Redfearn, REDLEE / SCS Chief Executive Officer, who was husband to Jill and brother to Pam. “They brought the passion and it was infectious. The service initiatives were never forced. Our team members wanted to do it and today we find they are giving back every week.”

Sharing the Blessings

The team at REDLEE / SCS is passionate about serving their communities. They provide a multitude of support to many organizations including Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, and Heroes on the Water. For an organization with such humble beginnings, this shows that serving others is part of the corporate DNA.

Megan Williams, daughter of Chuck and Jill Redfearn, believes this has a lot to do with the women who started these initiatives.

“My mom set very high standards for what a good person would do if they had the ability,” says Megan. “We have worked very hard, weathered economic downturns, and still had good success. Both my mom and aunt believed in supporting others in our community, and we are proud to keep that going.”

The Jill Redfearn Award is given to the branch of the company that gives the most community service hours and is involved in the largest number of charities, mostly local but a few national. The Pam Redfearn Holman Memorial Charity Shoot is focused on supporting veterans, as that was Pam’s passion.

“Pam realized the need to support veterans after working with our team members who were either veterans or had family in active duty,” says Chuck. “It began with sending packages oversees to enlisted military members. After she passed, is made sense to take an event we already had in place and rework it to become a charity event for veterans.”

The entire organization embraces the true spirit of giving, not for awards or publicity, but for the ability to support those who need and cannot provide for themselves.

“I am a product of my environment,” says Megan. “My mom instilled in me a desire to love and support people who cannot reach out for help when they need it. Our company is like family, and we all share that passion.”

Continuing the Legacy 

Chuck gives a lot of credit to Megan for ensuring that the giving initiatives remain a priority.

“The passion for giving back stems from my late wife and sister,” says Chuck. “Megan took up the torch to fill those shoes, which is a big job, on top of having a full-time job, being a mother and a wife. I thank her for making it a success each year.”

Megan is humbler about her role, preferring to stay in the background.

“I see it as a way of trying to live up to being the mom my mother was for me, as well as a way to support both her and Pam’s legacies,” says Megan. “Even if my schedule is hectic and I don’t know what day it is, it’s a way to contribute to their memories and set a positive example for my kids.”

The Pam Redfearn Holman Memorial Charity Clay Shoot benefiting Heroes on the Water will be held on March 22, 2019 at Elm Fork Shooting Sports in Dallas, Texas. The event is free for veterans. There are many ways to become involved, including participating, sponsoring and volunteering.

“Our goal is to find people embedded in the military community to not only participate, but to also plan future events and help us spread the word,” says Chuck. “This event is important to our teams, and we want to make it as successful as possible.

For more information, visit our events page. If you are a veteran and wish to participate, please email

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