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Serving First Responders2024-02-28T10:46:06-06:00

We feel privileged to be in service to our heroes who continually keep our community safe

How We Serve First Responders

Law Enforcement Officers, EMT’s, Paramedics, and Firefighters are the first to arrive on the scene of accidents, natural disasters, or crimes. They are our first lifeline and may experience the stress and trauma that comes along with that role. 

We know that recurring kayak fishing and outdoor experiences have compound benefits and we encourage participants to make repeat visits. We provide the foundation for our volunteer-led chapters to organize as many events as possible based on geography and climate. 

Our dedicated volunteers understand the importance of continually supporting the community through regularly scheduled events and they make every effort to continue events even when the weather may not permit kayak fishing. Our kayaking and outdoor events are open to all first responders and their families. 

A Supportive First Responder Community – Read Their Stories

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